30463 Minnesota 78,
Ashby, MN 56309


Drilling Wells for -

  • New and existing homes and farms
  • Irrigation wells
  • Municipal wells
  • Sealing of old wells
  • Service and repair of - Wells, Pumps, motors and Pressure tanks
  • Backhoe service for repairing and installing new waterlines

We offer quality well casing in all of our wells and products from Northern Pipe Products of Fargo, ND. You may check them out at their web site at www.northernpipe.com

We use only stainless steel screens and "K" packers manufactured by Johnson screens.

Our pumps and motors are manufactured by Franklin Motor company. For more information see their web site at FranklinElectric.com

Amtrol is the manufacturer of our pressure system products including Well-X-Trol pressure tanks. Check them out at: amtrol.com

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